pamsh in progress

New in, but excited for what may be. I am an inactive artist experiencing a longer than normal experience with posterior vitreous detachment, brought on by early cataract surgery. My quality of vision has been bouncing around for several months, and it's hard to keep a consistent level of motivation. I could be an entirely different person once my body stops trying to fight nature and science at the same time.

All things eventually...I would like this site to be something like a small portfolio as I manage to crawl back into art, a sampling at the least. Meanwhile, here are links where I'm present.
Instagram - I have posted a few works, progress and photos here.
SpaceHey - New here, too. Just a little profile and a few all purpose blog posts.
I have presences on deviantART and pillowfort, also, but those are either dead or awaiting content.
Might link 'em up later.

Enjoy this inflatable shark for now.

When putting in left foot:
  • Take left foot out.
  • Put left foot in.
  • Shake foot about.
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